Monday’s Jerry Buss Dig is Thursday’s Jay Mohr Sports Promo

Leading up to this morning’s edition of Jay Mohr Sports, the Fox Sports Radio host could be heard in a cheeky promo built around something LA Times columnist T.J. Simers told him earlier this week.

As Mohr points out in the tease, LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss had barely been dead a few hours when Simers led off his Monday morning on-air remarks with:

“He understood Hollywood better than maybe any other sports owner and in a time before anyone else. So when you’re a pioneer in anything, I think you deserve tremendous credit for having such foresight… Not to mention the young escorts that were with him a lot. He put himself out there as, really, kind of an LA creature.”

Don’t tarnish the man’s legacy by surrounding him with hookers, Mohr exhorted in this morning’s promo after excerpting the above bold-ed statement. “How about 10 championships!?”

Most other reports published and broadcast in the immediate wake of Dr. Buss’ passing opted for the more politically correct terminology of “playboy owner.”

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