BoingBoing Launches This Week’s Viral Video Smash

On his Tumblr page, Jeremiah McDonald invites readers to send an email and “tell him to draw something.” He promises to post the resulting illustration as well as optionally send off an original print version for the cost of shipping plus any desired donation. This morning, McDonald tweeted the following:

The reason for the sudden, increased attention aimed at the Portland, Maine based actor-filmmaker is an absolutely flawless, fabulous three-minute video posted to YouTube Thursday. First spied by Xeni Jardin* at, it features McDonald answering questions – this week, at age 32 – posed via VHS two decades earlier by his 12-year-old self:

Since BoingBoing first shared the video yesterday afternoon, it has been picked up by everyone from Jezebel and UPI to The Hollywood Reporter and the Daily Mail. With the media avalanche really gaining Internet replication momentum this morning, McDonald’s time-travel wonder at press time has already crossed the one-million-views mark. When all is said and done, he’ll no doubt be sitting in the tens of millions range.

*Update – 07/06/12: Per a H/T in the original BoingBoing item, Jardin wanted to make sure credit for the original spotting of the video was also properly given to her colleague here: