Jeopardy’s Class of 2010

Once upon a time, FBLA auditioned for the fearsome game show Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek warned during a videotaped intro on the Sony lot that the test questions were harder than those of the show, and he was right. The opera queries alone pushed this thin guy to the singing point.

Beginning today, the more talented Jeopardy! class of 2010 will strut their on-air stuff as part of the show’s popular annual College Championship. From an LA PR point of view, the event translates into the kind of hometown media coverage “This Mayor Syncs Up with A/V” could normally only dream of.

Recalling the October 18th-19th LA shoot experience, Notre Dame’s Olivia Colangelo raves that “we got to eat lunch at the Sony commissary. Some of the people competing even saw Brad Pitt.”

Meanwhile, Arizona State University – on behalf of its first ever collegiate show participant – goes one better, putting out an official press release to reveal that the 2010 bit of ASU history almost didn’t come to pass. Confesses contestant Marshall Flores: “I got an e-mail [September 18th] from contestant coordinator Maggie Speak. She said she had been trying to contact me on my home phone. But my mother had disconnected it to take a nap.”

Among those on tonight’s kick-off November 8th collegiate episode is UCLA’s Steve Greene. The aspiring podcast host says that if he wins-won it all, one of the rewards will be a Best Buy shopping spree.