Jennifer Weiner Tackles $9.99 eBooks

How much is an eBook worth? Authors have lots of different opinions about that thorny topic.
On the homepage, E.B. Boyd interviewed novelist Jennifer Weiner about the stickiest issues facing authors today. Click here to read the interview. Weiner’s latest novel, Fly Away Home, is about a politician’s wife who must deal with her husband’s infidelity.
Here is an excerpt from the interview: “I feel that that big question, ‘What is a work of fiction worth?’ has been answered. Amazon, in setting that price, is announcing to the world that a work of fiction, no matter how many years it took to write it, no matter how many people edited it, no matter how long the cover design or the page design took, a book is worth $9.99. (Unless it’s worth $14.99 its first week of release.) It’s a tough pill to swallow. Because there are people in publishing who fervently believe that a book is worth $27 and would like readers to believe that, as well. If the answer is $9.99, publishing is going to have to adjust.”