Jennifer Senior on What Makes for the ‘Worst Interview’

JenniferSeniorPicNew York magazine contributing editor Jennifer Senior picks and chooses her interviews. But when she publishes one, it’s always memorable.

Traveling from New York to Florida for this weekend’s Sanibel Island Writers Conference, she took a few moments to chat with Florida Weekly‘s Nancy Stetson. Senior proved to be a pretty good interview herself, quickly expounding when asked, ‘What makes a good interview?:’

“The worst interviews are the ones where you have two collisions of sensibility. Either the interviewer has an adversarial point of view, or they’re not empathetic, so what happens is that you don’t actually get to experience the world from the point of view of the subject.”

“When I sat down with Justice Scalia, I was not going to argue with him. I’m a Liberal New York girl, I wasn’t going to pick fights with him. That’s not the point; you want to know who he is and how he thinks.”

The Sanibel conference covers just about every form of writing, from song to screenplay to journalism. Check out the impressive line-up of folks joining Senior here.

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