WaPo‘s Rubin Works to Silence Imposter

WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin maybe should have stayed under the covers this morning.

First, she’s dealing with a class clown on Twitter who shares an identical username. The original Rubin Twitter handle is “JRubinBlogger.” The imposter is “JRubinBIogger.” The capital “i” in the imposter’s name is indiscernible in the font Twitter uses. The real Rubin tweeted this morning that she’s trying to have Twitter officials delete the fake account. “ICYMI There’s a fake JRubinBlogger (a cap i instead of L),” Rubin warned followers this morning. “Posts before 630pm Wed were fake so you can block/spam..working to remove him.” It’s unclear what posts Rubin was specifically referring to. The imposter has been active since at least late August. Rubin wouldn’t comment on the matter.

A few tweets from the fake Rubin:

  • #ImwithMitt because it’s time a rich white man gets a shot at running things.”
  • “Mitt has vetoed all MSNBC reporters from the debates, but he’ll totally stand up to Vladimir Putin.”
  • “Can Romney win California and New York? Tune in to Larry Kudlow on CNBC at 730 pm ET to find out.”

Rubin’s bad day continued as she sent out a message on Twitter that wasn’t meant for Twitter. “You forgot your band forms- I will bring to band room – what time??” she wrote. The tweet has since been deleted. FishbowlDC asked Rubin if the tweet was a mistake. “Yes,” she said, adding nothing further.

Finally, Rubin was running late on posting this morning. On most days, Rubin runs a steady feature she calls “Morning Bits,” a roundup of news links. Typically it runs at 7:45 a.m. Today, it went up almost two hours late. “Our web site is not publishing, so regrets that Morning Bits is late,” she said in an email, unprompted.

We hope the coffee machine didn’t break down, too.