RIP: Jennifer Rosoff

The Post, Daily News, Times and other outlets are catching up to a tragic Wednesday night incident. The death of Jennifer Rosoff as the result of a fall from the balcony of her 17th floor, East 57th Street apartment.
Rosoff had joined startup TripleLift after previously working at The New Yorker, Lucky magazine and Cosmopolitan. Condolences are pouring in via Twitter, where the 35-year-old Rosoff was recently active. From the Times article:

The death of Ms. Rosoff, described by a friend as “an A-player” in the competitive world of media advertising sales, immediately rippled across cellphones and in-boxes of distraught friends and colleagues.
“I was meeting someone for coffee today and the second they got off the elevator, they said: ‘I had the worst e-mail. The subject was Jenn Rosoff died,'” said a friend in the ad sales industry who requested anonymity because he did not want to be seen as inserting his name into a tragic situation. “I hate in situations like this when people want to bury saints, but she was a great person,” he said.

FishbowlNY joins in offering its sincere condolences to Rosoff’s family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. RIP.
Update – 08/03/13: According to Huntington Patch, memorial and funeral services for Rosoff will begin at 10 a.m. Sunday in Woodbury, NY.
Separately, Murray Weiss of DNAinfo New York has a very sobering report about the balcony railing that gave way. According to his item, the aluminum railing dates back to 1931 and did not have welded rivets:

The sources explained that the railing on the 20-story apartment house was installed in 1931 when the applicable city building code from 1926 did not mandate certain weight-bearing requirements that would address riveting, the type of metal used and how they were fastened to the structure.
The building code was upgraded in 1969, the sources explained, and again in 2008. Buildings are not required to immediately upgrade to new codes when enacted, but once new construction work is started on a building or its edifice, it must then be brought up to the most current code.

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