Dog Blogger Picks Up After Google Analytics

John Woestendiek writes today at that he was particularly proud of his three contributions to the site on Monday, which included a follow-up about a formerly homeless Los Angeles man and his three-legged pit bull Topaz. That is until he checked his website’s Google Analytics report for August 15.

Turns out the bulk of traffic to his site came via a celebrity keyword search that had nothing to do with any of his Monday items. And Woestendiek is none too thrilled about it all:

What drew most readers to Ohmidog! yesterday–676 of them–was a post, nearly 50 days old, about Jennifer Aniston getting her dog Norman’s name tatooed on her foot…

How people try to remember and memorialize their dogs is a legitimate story–and a large part of the book I wrote… But let’s face it, it was Jennifer Aniston that brought me those readers–and while I appreciate her, and those readers who dropped by, it bugs me that her foot tattoo so overshadowed two stories of deeper importance and deeper humanity.

We’ve all been there. Tracking the Internet keyword tsunami is what made Ariana Huffington much richer and what also has us here at FishbowlLA on some days pondering some equally strange Google Analytics data trails.

Update – 08/17/11: Thanks to this item, guess which celebrity name was number two on FishbowlLA’s Google Analytics keyword chart for August 16? Yup.