Twitter Co-founder Raises Money For His Mysterious Gelatinous Company

Today we give thanks for the Twitter co-founders penchant for interesting names. We have, of course, the Obvious Corp (which is anything but) and Square (that cool “pay using my smartphone” device), the new blogging platform Medium – and now, bestest of all – Jelly.

Beyond wondering if they’ve employed someone solely to come up with these names, this latest mushy gushy creation of Biz Stone that has left people wondering: “What the Jelly?”

News from “Jelly HQ” provides little around its mission, but it did just provide this list of “committed individual investors who share our optimistic worldview and believe in our vision.”

Jack Dorsey, Co-founder and CEO of Square
Bono, Musician and Activist
Reid Hoffman with the Greylock Discovery Fund
Steven Johnson, Author and Entrepreneur
Evan Williams and Jason Goldman via Obvious
Al Gore, Politician, Philanthropist, Nobel Laureate
Greg Yaitanes, Emmy Winning Director
Roya Mahboob, Afghan Entrepreneur and Businesswoman

Jelly “chose” these angel investors “partly because they work in divergent fields. Knowledge diversity is something we prize highly and is also something that will be represented in our product.”

As mobile devices have taken an increasingly central role in our lives, humanity has grown more connected than ever—herein lies massive opportunity. With this capital raise, Jelly has the means to hire more great talent and continue building what we think of as the natural next step for our connected society. We will share more about Jelly from a product perspective when we move beyond early prototyping.

So what is Jelly? No clue and they’re obviously not telling. But VentureBeat offers this take: “Until we know more about Jelly, we must be content with details about jellyfish themselves. Perusing Jelly’s blog yields interesting information, like the fact that jellyfish brains are decentralized and “more ‘we’ than ‘me’” and a group of jellies is called a bloom.”

This will all come together in the end, of course, just like that movie Memento.

We’re still trying to wrap our head around their ability to pick and choose angel investors – is that how it usually goes? I choose Warren Buffet! Someone tell him for me?

(Image from Shutterstock)