Jellies: Trap mischievous jellyfish one 60-second round at a time

Mobile developer and publisher B27, in partnership with game developer 52 Hertz Whale, has announced the launch of Jellies on iOS devices. The game stars Bob the Fisherman, a man on a mission to retrieve his missing fingers from mischievous jellyfish, one puzzle game at a time.

In Jellies, players have 60 seconds to catch as many jellyfish as they can by tapping and dragging to connect jellyfish of the same colors. As jellyfish are living creatures, they’ll bounce and swim around the screen to increase the challenge.

In each game, players can remove jellyfish in groups of two or more, so long as they’re the same color. However, the more jellyfish in a chain, the more points are earned, and for every 100 accumulated points, three seconds are added to the clock. Players can create “circles” around jellyfish by making a complete loop with their finger, removing any trapped jellyfish inside for bonus points.


Gamers have access to three main power-ups while they play. The electroshock power freezes time and makes jellyfish movement slow down for a short time. A bomb power turns one jellyfish into an explosion that wipes out surrounding others, and the Berserker mode power turns all jellyfish into black dots, capable of being destroyed with a single touch (no chaining required).

One final power-up is only available at random instances, and comes by trapping a flashing jellyfish inside a chain of others. This triggers a disco mode, where players can earn tons of points with fast swipes of their fingers.

Outside of the game, players use their accumulated jellyfish (and coins) to complete missions and retrieve Bob’s fingers. As players travel down the river in Bob’s boat, they’ll unlock new color themes (like a dark mode), and access to “InstaBob,” an in-game take on Instagram that sees Bob posting to a virtual social network.

“With simple, yet challenging, play mechanics coupled with a humorous storyline and ridiculous but loveable characters, Jellies provides a unique twist to traditional casual mobile gameplay”, said Ajay Chadha, Founder of B27. “It has been a pleasure working with 52 Hertz Whale on Jellies, and we are excited to now offer it to avid iOS players of all ages”.

Jellies is available to download for $1.99 on iOS.