Oscar Blogger Sasha Stone: ‘It’s Exhausting’

Only 367 days until next year's Academy Awards!

AwardsDailyLogoFrom north of the border and just in time for Sunday’s big night, Toronto Globe and Mail contributor Calum Marsh has shared a profile of two of Hollywood’s boldface Oscar bloggers: Jeffrey Wells, who oversees Hollywood Elsewhere, and his close friend Sasha Stone, owner of Awards Daily.

Stone’s awards season trajectory goes all the way back to AOL chat rooms, Usenet and the year 1994. A couple of decades later, she tells Marsh it’s a beast of burden:

“I hate it, actually,” Stone confesses. “But this is how I ended up making money. For me it’s pretty much a seven-day-a-week job. It’s exhausting.” Nor do the Academy Awards themselves do much for her any more. “The fun has long since gone out of it. I’m never happy with how it all turns out. But what you have to remember is that it’s a good thing not to agree with a large consensus. It means you’re an original thinker.”

For Wells, it’s also pretty much now a non-stop beat. Because an Oscar blogger who does not “constantly” check their phone may miss out on the latest timely topic, hot take or contender foot-in-mouth pronouncement.

In the Globe and Mail piece, there is a funny description of Wells provided by Glenn Kenny (“William F. Buckley crossed with Daffy Duck”). However, per a follow-up post on Hollywood Elsewhere, some key context was apparently lost:

Kenny qualifies via email: “Calum Marsh kind of f*cked up my quote. The Buckley-Daffy Duck thing had nothing to do with what you actually say or believe but referred to how you increasingly sound on the Oscar Poker podcast.”

In the Hollywood Elsewhere comments, one reader tells Wells they see him more as a cross between Chris Matthews and Ned Merrill, Burt Lancaster’s character in the movie The Swimmer. And speaking of comments, you can tell the source article was published far from L.A., where the twain of Oscars and prognosticating is a little less obsessed over. At press time, the number of Globe and Mail reader comments is zero.