Citi Bike Dreamer Closing In on L.A.

On a whim, Jeffrey Tanenhaus decided to commute across the country.

One of 2015’s odder New York human interest stories has been the unlikely and now nearly completed cross-country bicycle trek by Jeffrey Tanenhaus. Fed up with the rat race, he decided to shake things up by quitting his Manhattan job, bailing on his Brooklyn apartment and cycling as far as he could towards L.A. on a rented Citi Bike.


One surprising twist in this adventure is the fact that Tanenhaus encountered, far from NYC home, the kind of weird and aggressive behavior that typically makes Post or Daily News headlines. From his Instagram post:

I got assaulted by an angry pickup driver who punched me in the face and knocked over my bike. On a back road with no traffic. Totally unprovoked. I’m in shock. A kind couple is taking me to the hospital.

What happened? The driver first yelled at me while I was standing by the roadside, cursing at how bikers think they own the road. He spun his tires, covering me in smoke, and sped off leaving a long tread. Minutes later he came back, cursed at me for still being there saying that I should have left by now and got out and punched me, splitting my lip and knocked over the bike for good measure.

The assailant was subsequently apprehended. As Tanenhaus closes in on Los Angeles, FishbowlNY wishes him all the best and looks forward to hearing where this clear-the-decks impulse permanently lands him.