Jeffrey Sebelia on Oscar Fashions–and the Stylists Responsible


Jeffrey Sebelia, LA’s own Project Runway winner, weighs in on Oscar fashions and the people who wore them and thepeople who chose them:

I want to suggest that the person responsible for the outfit stand on the carpet next to the outfit.

He’s pretty scathing about Jennifer Hudson’s pocketed eyesore and imagines a red-carpet conversation:

[Interviewer] The proportion is all wrong, the fabrication is cheap, and I think that matching it with that brown dress is a bad idea.

[Stylist] Well she can take it off when she gets inside.

Sebelia himself would be a great commentator–now there’s a webcast we’d watch.

But Peter McQuaid pointed out that Sebelia’s trash talk might hurt his career:

If I’m not mistaken, he’s dissin’ Andre Leon Talley himself! Talley talked about putting Ms. Hudson’s look together on the telecast. And Talley is 6’7, could break Sebelia in half, physically and careerwise. I mean, what designer who has any ahem, designs, on a real career would dare to call out a Vogue editor? Sebelia best get out his knee pads, he’s got some major “sorries” to deliver…