Zucker Expresses Pride for Emmy Nominations

CNN’s Jeff Zucker is out with another warm and fuzzy memo for employees. This time on account of the fact that the network has been nominated for eight news and documentary Emmy awards.

See the memo…

July 11, 2013

I am proud to share with you all that CNN has been nominated for eight News & Documentary Emmy Awards. The diverse slate of nominations CNN garnered is impressive, and it is a testament to your drive to be the best in journalism.

CNN has been nominated for its Coverage of the War in Syria, Election Night in America, coverage of the Israel/Gaza Conflict, and Nick Paton Walsh: Reports from Syria and Afghanistan. Anderson Cooper 360 has been nominated for Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture. Fareed Zakaria GPS has been nominated for Global Lessons: The GPS Road Map for Saving Health Care. CNN Digital has been nominated for Slavery’s Last Stronghold. CNN Opinion has been nominated for Our Mobile Society: Photographers Embrace Instagram.

Congratulations to our colleagues, and thank you for your commitment.

– Jeff