Jeff Koons Makes a Surprising Turn as an Actor in Milk

You know how you’ll sometimes see someone out of context and they won’t register in your brain at all? Like running into your second grade teacher at the grocery store? Or Isabella Rossellini at the tri-county boat show? Such was the case this weekend when we saw the film Milk. We watched the whole thing and as we finished gathering up our coats, hats, and gloves, we watched the credits roll by. And there he was “Jeff Koons” who played the state assemblyman and future mayor of San Francisco, Art Agnos. Now this is a character who makes a small appearance, but probably has a page or two worth of dialogue, and minutes worth of screen time, so it wasn’t like Koons was just an extra and we missed him in a blink. We didn’t believe it and had to confirm it once we got home. And it’s true! This being his first feature film, we have no idea how he landed the role, but we’re guessing that he’s just pals with Gus Van Sant in some artsy circle. No, there’s not really any particular reason for this post, other than, “Hey, it was weird to see Jeff Koons be a pretty decent actor. Who knew?”