Jeff Koons Loses Custody Battle in Human Rights Court

Okay, finally, here’s one thing we can return to without saying that you need to clear your frontal lobes of. A while back, we’d told you about the messy custody battle between Jeff Koons and his ex-wife, the former porn star/Italian parliament member, Ilona Staller. Well, it’s finally over and while Koons can command millions in art sales, that sort of power apparently doesn’t carry over well into the courts, who decided in favor of Staller:

Koons claimed that Italian authorities breached his right to respect of his family life by allowing Staller to keep their son in Italy, blocking him from visiting the U.S. and awarding his ex-wife custody, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, said today in a statement on its Web site.

Italian authorities “made every effort to protect the higher interests of the child” in “a difficult situation marked by constant disagreement between the parties and their inability to put their son’s well-being first,” the court said.

If you want the full legal notice, it can be found here.