Jeff Koons Defeats Louis XIV Descendant in Court Battle Over Versailles Exhibit

While Jeff Koons didn’t seem to do too well in front of judges last year, losing a custody battle in the European Court of Human Rights of all places, 2009 is shaping up to be more litigiously kind to him. As we recently reported, a descendant of Louis XIV, Charles Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parme, was attempting to get Koons and his popular exhibit kicked out of Versailles, claiming that “the exhibition is a ‘profanization’ of the work of his royal forefather.” But in the end, profanity won out, as an administrative court decided to dismiss the suit:

A judge rejected the complaint, saying, “The existence of a right to live without the profanation of one’s ancestors and of a right to access knowledge of heritage without pornographic constraints does not constitute a fundamental freedom.”

So now he’s vowed to head to a higher court to keep the battle going, despite the fact that Koons’ exhibit ended just this past Sunday. But really, when you’re a descendant of the Sun King and your name is that long, what else do you have to fill your day?