Jeff Jarvis Calls for Wanna-Be Entrepreneurial Journalist to Join His Class

Want to start your own journalism business? Writer and CUNY professor Jeff Jarvis has a call to arms for all those want-to-be entrepreneurial journalists to consider taking his class.

Jarvis is having trouble filling the class, and has asked people outside the CUNY community to join.

“I’d especially like a few under- or unemployed journalists looking to start businesses in the class to add to the mix of experience among the students,” said Jarvis in a blog post. “I’ve also had students from other schools in the past.”

It sounds like a sweet program. In the class, he will discuss the elevator pitch, market research and launch plan, among other tools needed to know before starting a new website.

“At the end of the class in December, you present your plan to a jury of investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, publishers, and technologists (it’s great fun, that day),” said Jarvis.

The class costs a little under $1,000, but Jarvis is attempting to get some money for aid. You can contact him directly, if you’re interested.