Jeff Daniels Reacts to John Lithgow’s Oscar Endearment

JeffDanielsHuffPostLiveFun moment today on HuffPostLive. A few months ago, John Lithgow told host Ricky Camilleri that he has always felt a little guilty about the fact that for just five days of last-minute work on Terms of Endearment, he got an Oscar nomination while co-star Jeff Daniels did not. During that August HuffPost Live conversation, Lithgow even went so far as to wink out a public apology to Daniels.

Today, Camilleri played that footage for Daniels, who smiled and reminded that it’s no big deal. Words to live by as we head into another insane, non-stop, hyperbolic film-awards-season blog trail:

“It’s OK. It really is OK. One, John deserved it; two, as a friend of mine said when the Terms of Endearment nominations came out, even the guy who combed your hair got nominated… At 28, to be in that movie, with all of those people, and then to be the one who had to stay home and watch the Oscars on television…”

For the record, the guy who combed Daniels hair didn’t actually get nominated that year and Daniels has four Golden Globe nominations. Watch the full interview here.