Jeff Bezos Hints At Kindle Tablet

Rumors have been going around about a Kindle tablet for the past couple of weeks and this week Amazon chief Jeff Bezos fueled the fire. In an interview with Consumer Reports, when asked about a Kindle tablet, he said to “stay tuned.”

Consumer Reports has more: “Bezos also signaled that any such device, should it come, is more likely to supplement than to supplant the Kindle, which he calls Amazon’s ‘purpose-built e-reading device.'”

The rumors began earlier this month when Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes reported that Amazon placed orders with Quanta Computer, and planned to partner with E-Ink Holdings for a touchscreen tablet. According to the news story, the tablet would have an LCD touch panel display with fringe field switching technology. The device is expected to begin shipping in the second half of 2011, with the initial order pegged at between 700,000 and 800,000.