Jeff Bezos' Fund Invests in Social Gaming Network

This morning, the Social Gaming Network is announcing that they have accepted an investment by Bezos Expeditions, the fund which manages Jeff Bezos’ personal venture capital investments. The most recent investment we covered by Bezos Expeditions was Animoto’s round.

As usual we don’t know how much money has been invested but given that Bezos Expeditions has invested over $70 million in tech startups, my guess it is in the millions. Back in May SGN announced a $15 million Series A round lead by Greylock Partners and Founders Fund. These investments make it clear that many large players in Silicon Valley foresee a great future ahead for social gaming.

The real challenge ahead for many of the social gaming companies will be competition from traditional competitors such as SEGA or Electronic Arts. EA has already launched applications on Facebook and SEGA has started focusing on the iPhone where a new wave of social games will begin to pop-up. While we are still at the early stage of social gaming, I believe there is a broader shift toward more engaging games and a heavier feature set.

This is great news for the Social Gaming Network though and it will be interesting to see how this space continues to grow over the next 6 to 12 months.