Jeff Bercovici Leaves Aol For Forbes

bercovici_9.27.jpgJeff Bercovici has left his post covering media for Aol to work for Forbes under Lewis Dvorkin, who has been steadily attempting to strengthen the title’s online presence.

Bercovici took to Twitter today to announce… his colleague John Koblin’s departure from the NY Observer.

Since three’s a trend when it comes to media stories, we’re sure you’ll get your fill of blog posts attempting to tie Bercovici’s, Koblin’s and John Cook’s moves (from Yahoo’s Upshot blog back to Gawker) to some overarching phenomenon relating to the State of Media Today. As we see it, the reason seems simple: a little more creative freedom — and the chance to bask in the recognition of being sought-after, star reporters — are the common threads running through these moves.

Bercovici, for his part, appears to be sitting back and watching the media’s reactions as it trickles in.