For Jeanie Buss, TV Series Mad Men Is the Equivalent of a Bad Home Movie

Ahead of this week’s arrival in bookstores of her new book Laker Girl, team Executive Vice President Jeanie Buss guested on ESPN’s K-Bros podcast. She explained how growing up in the shadow of parents who divorced in 1972 when she eight-years-old connects to the 2010 Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Drama Series.

Explains Buss:

When I watch the TV show Mad Men, I cringe, because that was the era when I was a young child. The way things operated then: you protected the children, you didn’t give them bad news. You thought that was the right thing to do, and that’s what my parents did. They spared me the details of their relationship.

As an adult, it all makes sense. But when you’re a kid, you’re isolated and you don’t really have people to talk to. And your peers like to single you out for whatever you have that’s different than the rest of the group, and it was just for me, I didn’t have my dad physically around… Kids made fun of me because my dad didn’t show up to Open House.

Buss co-wrote the book with Steve Springer, formerly a reporter with the L.A. Times. At one point during her childhood, Buss would simply tell classmates that her absentee dad was dead.

P.S. Lakers VP Buss is no dummy when it comes to picking her book cover teammates. That’s Kobe on the left and Pao Gasol on the right.