Jealous Designer Details Her Woefully Inadequate Skills Compared to Famous Designer Sister


An astute eye over at our non-coveting sister blog pointed us towards this rather odd entry in Salon’s advice column edited by writer Cary Tennis. A woman designer writes in to tell of the horrific envy she has for her sister. Nothing new there, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. But in this case, the “better” sister is also a designer, and apparently, a quite famous one at that:

By many measures, I am a successful designer. I live in a beautiful home, take my daughters on wonderful vacations, have some money put away for retirement. This is colored by the fact that my sister is in the same business as me but has become rich at it. In fact, she is famous. In fact, you unquestionably know her work and probably make use of the products she has designed in your home. You may have been peripherally aware of mine, but you have not bought them or admired them. My daughters say nice things about my designs. They go wild over their aunt’s. Just tonight I learned that she has made a hugely lucrative deal for a new line of brilliant designs.

Who is this pathetic being, you wonder, and more importantly, is she anxiously eyeing your work every day at the office, too? The envious sibling shouldn’t be too hard to sniff out, especially if, as she claims, we “unquestionably” know her sister’s work, what with our supposed lack of famous females in the industry.