Jayson Blair Returns to His Alma Mater

The former New York Times reporter was invited by journalism major Shannon Gallagher to speak about ethics.

For the first time since the 2003 New York Times plagiarism scandal, Jayson Blair was back at the University of Maryland, which he attended from 1995 to 1999 without graduating. Per a report by The Frederick News-Post’s Alana Pedalino, he remains deeply apologetic:

“It kills me personally that [my plagiarism and fabrication] damaged the profession,” Blair said when prompted by university lecturer Sharon O’Malley. “The part that really kills me are the people that I hurt in my personal and professional life who had done absolutely nothing wrong. I’m definitely sorry about it.”

Kudos to American studies and journalism major Shannon Gallagher. It was her idea to invite Blair to come speak at her journalism ethics class.

Pedalino’s report has lots more about Blair’s Q&A and student reaction to what he shared. Read the full article here.

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