Jay A. Fernandez Officially Starts at Indiewire

Several weeks after the hiring was first announced by Anne Thompson, former Hollywood Reporter staffer Jay A. Fernandez has officially started today as Indiewire news editor and senior writer.

Per usual when it comes to these sorts of things, the Twitter welcome mat continues to be cast far and wide. Indiewire founder emeritus Eugene Hernandez welcomed Fernandez last Thursday to New York, where the latter has traveled to help cover the Tribeca Film Festival. Meanwhile, former THR colleague Daniel Miller returned a Fernandez weekend tweet-compliment by linking today to a review by the writer of a pair of Tribeca documentaries:

Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal introduced Sexy Baby Friday with the straightforward admonition that as the mother of two teenage girls, she feels this doc is “the scariest movie I watched” from the fest program. When some in the crowd chuckled, she added, “We can laugh about it, but it’s not funny.”

Point taken. The film, while offering some funny moments, is serious as hell. In Sexy Baby, Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus take on the mainstreaming of pornography and the over-sexualization of women, following three storylines that contribute to the tsunami of high-pressure, 21st-century messaging.

It’s an impressive hire for Indiewire, for which Fernandez will be relocating to Manhattan this summer. Prior to THR, he wrote the Scriptland column for the LA Times. Fernandez’s wife Christine Spines meanwhile recently took over as managing editor of the website sundance.org.