Jay-Z To Play Brooklyn; AP Writer Gets Gun-Shy

Jay-Z, out promoting his latest comeback album, Kingdom Come, will perform make a rare concert stop in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Saturday, Nov. 25. Meanwhile, an AP writer who tagged along with Jigga for 24-hour concert marathon recently got a bit gun-shy during his last stop in Las Vegas:

Unfortunately, the last bash was the one the AP couldn’t see. The crush of humanity was so intense that even though we were behind Jay-Z, we got separated in the mash of the crowd and had to retreat to a safe haven — the backstage VIP area. We missed perhaps the best show of the night. Although we couldn’t see, we could hear Jay-Z perform bonus songs such as “99 Problems,” which was not on the set list for the rest of the shows. We can only imagine how wild things have gotten inside the venue. But whatever happens, it can’t be as crazy as the past 24 hours: seven cities, one day and one superstar — Jay-Z.


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