Jay Rosen’s Blogging Tips

Jay Rosen dropped in at Poynter today to participate in an online chat about blogging. He fielded questions for almost an hour. You can watch the replay here, but here are some highlights:

  • “It’s easy to learn to operate a blog. What needs teaching is how to succeed at it.”
  • “Blogging software can be used for anything. Blogging as a form of publication is best distinguished by Dave Winer’s formulation: a person, talking.”
  • “One of the first things I would have [a new blogger] do is their blogroll, and on their blogroll I would ask them to place the “community of sites” that their site is supposed to enter into. … And so “marketing” should focus on getting linked to from those sites, and I would teach them all the ways to get Talking Points Memo to notice you, if you are a political blogger for example.”
  • “I think the solution [to finding time to blog] is to intergrate blogging in what you are doing, as a writer. If you cannot, it will inevitably be seen as a time sink.”
  • “It is best to learn to be a great linker, and from that become a thinker. One of the simplest forms I would teach students is ‘the round-up post,’ pulling together the best of what’s online on a recent controversy (Gingrich calling the judge a racist, for example). And from those posts students can learn to think about…. what’s missing in this conversation? That is the next post!”