Jay Rosen’s AssignmentZero Needs a Few Good Design Writers


As our laptop dries out from an exceptionally damp weekend in New York (a reliable umbrella would make a nice gift for your editors this holiday), we discovered a great way for all you aspiring design writers to get your feet wet. We met NYU’s Jay Rosen this weekend, mind behind PressThink and enabler for the Polling Place Photo Project experiment we chatted about last year. He’s recently launched AssignmentZero, the open source journalism initiative, and we were delighted to see that there’s plenty of design-related topics for you to dive right into.

There’s an Open Source Car Design assignment, which is helping to propel the OScar project. The Architecture for Humanity assignment recruits assistance for Cameron Sinclair‘s org. There’s one for peer-produced design and perhaps our favorite, the Threadless assignment, where the tagline reads “Any idiot can design a T-shirt!”

Funny, AssignmentZero’s tagline doesn’t say “Any idiot can write an article!”