Stewart Copeland on Fringe Benefit of Being in a Band Called The Police

The latest episode of Jay Mohr’s weekly podcast Mohr Stories saw The Police’s former drummer head west of the 405 in Los Angeles to sit down for a chat. Mohr has two more big names from the music side this month: Sex Pistol Steve Jones (October 14) and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Duff McKagan (October 28).

The perks of being in a massively successful band like The Police are for the most part pretty obvious. But at one point during the Mohr conversation, Copeland outlined a less sexy, druggy, rock’n roll-y one:

“A strange twist of fate meant that for about 20 years, I never got a speeding ticket or anything. I would get pulled over… ‘Mr. Copeland, I cannot give you a ticket. Have a nice day. Can you sign this for all my buddies back at the station?'”…

“As a member of The Police, I didn’t get a ticket until I got a young African-America cop, who was not a Police fan and way out of the demographic. And for the first time, I learned what 55 miles per hour looks like.”

For those unfamiliar with the podcast, Mohr’s HQ is known as Fake Mustache Studios and the host, per the Copeland shot above, likes to take photos with each one of his guests while they sport some extra facial hair. Mohr this month also has Judd Apatow on October 21.

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