A Couple of SNL Alums Remember Chris Farley

Podcasts continue to be a boon for aficionados of stand-up comedy. Around every Internet corner are fabulous, extended reminiscences from comedians chatting (usually) with each other about the good and not-so-good old days.

On the November 17 episode of comedian Jay Mohr‘s “Mohr Stories” Smodcast, he welcomed fellow comic Dave Attell. Way back in the day, the two shared an SNL writers’ cubicle with three others. They chatted about all sorts of 30 Rock moments, including their memories of the late Chris Farley:

Mohr: “Remember, Norm [MacDonald] would do warm-up and then he would bring out Chris Farley, who would just stand there and wave. It was like AC/DC came on stage in Sydney, Australia. The crowd went crazy…”

Attell: “He was one of the first people I ever met in comedy who was funny all of the time but sad most of the time. He was really funny, he could turn it on in a second, but then his sadness would be there.”

On a lighter scatological note, the pair also recalled how they once paid Farley $100 to take a dump out an NBC tower window. There was also that time with the big man that involved an issue of Hustler magazine and some Hubba Bubba bubble gum…