Jay Leno Graces Worst-Selling Time Magazine Cover Of 2009

Newsstand perusers were evidently unimpressed with Time magazine’s assessment that Jay Leno is “the future of television. Seriously!” The late-night, and then not-so-late, and then once again late-night tv host’s mug happened to grace the publication’s worst-selling cover of 2009.

The cover, which hit newsstands last September 14, coincided with the launch of Leno’s short-lived prime time show. Which is to say: That enterprise was pretty much doomed to fail in a flaming ball of “meh.”

What people really want is scandal, intrigue, and dead celebrities. Time’s memorial Michael Jackson cover — deemed a “special commemorative edition — was the best-selling of last year. Other notable, and lucrative, scandal-makers who helped move print magazines last year included Jon and Kate Gosselin, Bernie Madoff (who gave New York magazine its best-selling issue last March), and an alleged coupling between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (which, apparently, sent In Touch readers into a tizzy).