Jason Wu’s Inaugural Gown for Michelle Obama to be Given to the Smithsonian, Kicks Off New ‘First Ladies’ Exhibition

Designer Jason Wu is about to enter the annals of history on Tuesday, as an event will be held at the Smithsonian‘s National Museum of American History where First Lady Michelle Obama will donate the gown she wore for her President Obama‘s inauguration, which of course Wu was thrust into the spotlight for having created. While there are some who chided Obama for working with a designer who likes to use fur, and still others who thought Mrs. Obama should have worn a t-shirt to the swearing in, Wu will get the last laugh, now having his place secured at the Smithsonian. Along with Michelle, the designer himself is set to be in attendance at the event, which will also serve as the kick off for a new exhibition at the museum:

The first lady’s dress will be part of the new exhibit within the collection, called ‘A First Lady’s Debut’ — focusing specifically on inauguration dresses. In the center of the gallery a case had been reserved for Michelle Obama’s gown, waiting for the addition.

“The First Lady’s exhibition explores the contributions of First Lady’s to the presidency and to American society,” Brent Glass, Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History says, “And we’re very pleased that Mrs. Obama is continuing this tradition.

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