Jason Rezaian Reunites With WaPo Editors in Germany

After 545 days of imprisonment, freedom. Finally.

Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, who was freed over the weekend in a prisoner swap arrangement after enduring 545 days in Iranian prison, met with Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron and foreign editor Douglas Jehl in Germany today.

Following Rezaian’s release on Saturday, he was flown Sunday to a U.S. military hospital in Germany, where he is recuperating and being monitored by medical professionals.

“I want people to know that physically I’m feeling good,” said Rezaian, according to The Washington Post. “I know people are eager to hear from me, but I want to process this for some time.”

The Washington Post, along with Rezaian’s brother, Ali, have been consistent and vocal advocates for Jason Rezaian’s release since he was first detained.

Prior to today’s reunion, Rezaian had spoken with Baron and Jehl over the phone, describing to them some of his catch-up reading:

He had read the story on our interview today with CNN, remarking on how strange it was to see himself being talked about so much. We told him we’ve been talking about him for 545 days.

Jason said he’d been able to read some of the coverage of his release on his mom’s iPad while on the plane to Germany. The support of the Post “means everything,” he said.

For the backstory on how U.S. and Iranian negotiators reached the deal under which Rezaian and three other American were released, go here.