Vanna White Gives Nostalgic Novel Another PR Boost

Jason Rekulak could not have planned it any better

Headshot of Richard Horgan

On the Wheel of Fortune big board, this one could be spelled:
F-O-R-T-U-I-T-O-U-S T-I-M-I-N-G.

The very week that Jason Rekulak, the overseer of Quirk Books, released his debut novel The Impossible Fortress, Vanna White appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and talked about her memories of a potentially catastrophic April 1987 Playboy issue.

The issue, featuring White on the cover, is central to Rekulak’s 1980s New Jersey-set tale about a group of teens who plan to steal a copy of the issue from a local convenience store. The reviews have been solid for the book and this week, once again, White was talking—this time to Fox News–about how she came to pose for the lingerie shots in 1982, prior to landing her big game show break later that fall:

“Here’s the thing. When I first moved to Hollywood, I was too embarrassed to ask my dad for rent money. I was young and I wanted to do it on my own. So, I did these lingerie shots and from the moment I said I would do them, I thought, “I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m not going to ask my dad for money, so I’m just going to do it!” Once I got “Wheel of Fortune” and some fame, Hugh Hefner then bought those pictures. He’s the one who put me on the cover of the magazine. I didn’t do it for Playboy.”

In this day and age of Googling, one thing leads to another. In other words, Rekulak couldn’t ask for more serendipitous framing for his debut novel.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.