The Story Behind Celebuzz’s Great Brad Pitt-Jason Priestley Photo

Yesterday, editor-in-chief Dylan Howard posted a fantastically fun picture of Brad Pitt and Jason Priestley. It was taken in January 1991, during a small apartment gathering for the Bills-Giants Super Bowl XXV. The photo captures both actors at their pre-superstardom, innocent best.

It’s incredibly refreshing in today’s day and age of celebrity journalism to come across a photo scoop that is neither salacious nor sensational. FishbowlLA liked the picture so much, we asked Howard to tell us more.

“Who even knew Pitt and Priestley were pals? Not me, at least,” he says. “The irony here is that they would go on to become two of the biggest stars of their generation, within just months of this photo being snapped. Priestley with Beverly Hills 90210, which first started rating in the summer of that year and Pitt in Thelma and Louise.”

Howard says he has known the provider of the photo personally for a long time. By sheer coincidence, the day before on Celebuzz, there were some early 1980s photos of Jennifer Aniston. All that was missing this week was a close-up of baby Angelina.

Predictably, both the Pitt and Aniston items rocketed to the top of Celebuzz’s traffic stats. FishbowlLA wondered also about the fact that the photo was posted at the Yahoo! OMG end. That, Howard explains, was entirely on the up and up.

“We often provide them some of our content, in exchange for links,” he reveals. “In this particular instance, I worked with their managing editor to promote our scoop and I’m glad to see OMG’s audience found the photo as particularly interesting as we did, given their 678 comments as of this morning.”

Indeed. Many of the comments comically relate to the intrinsic bachelor-pad feel of the photo.