Jason Mraz Is On Your Side

The 405 Club dug up a note from Jason Mraz (or his ghost-Tumblr-er, if he has one?) full of words of encouragement for the jobless:

To you, my fun-employed friend, I encourage you to sit for only a few minutes and listen to the voice inside of you. It knows exactly what it wants to do. YOU just have to stop getting in its way. Forget how difficult your dreams may seem to achieve. Ignore the idea that your family and friends will think you’re weird. Drop all your doubts about financial concerns and just start living your life according to your purpose. The only thing that has to be in place for you to BE IT now is your attitude. Your life is your movie. Be your own hero and make it your favorite film to watch.

A fellow Tumblr user picked up the post and added:

“I like this quote. A Lot. But then again, this is coming from a grammy award winning man that’s lives a financially comfortable life. So, no. I will not ‘Drop all [my] doubts about financial concerns.’

“Thank you, come again.”

Well, at least the Mrazinator is trying to be on our side.