Bay Area Firm Claims Last Laugh with Jason Gambit

The auctioned switch of one Jason Sadler‘s name to Jason officially took place January 1. A month later, the company that paid $45,000 for these goofy one-year naming rights is claiming victory:

“The money we paid to buy Jason’s last name equates to $900 a week, or $125 a day,” said company president Mike Faith. “That’s incredibly cheap for the $6 million value of [media] coverage we’ve already had on this. We’re calling Jason our Six Million Dollar Man.”

The company, founded in 1997 and specializing in headsets for office telephone systems, says that in addition to stories by outlets like, TechCrunch and The Huffington Post, their investment has triggered close to a quarter million in additional sales. The six-million figure comes via a study commissioned from Universal Information Services.

Given all this, we’ve started wondering whether maybe it’s time to enlist the services of a “Frank FishbowlLA.” We have nowhere near the same marketing budget, but we could offer a nifty profile piece in these pages and maybe a couple of online learning courses. Sadler auctioned off his name to raise money for a start-up project and donated 10% of the proceeds to non-profit Cheerful Givers.

[Photo of Faith and Sir Richard Branson courtesy]