Jason Calacanis Tears Into TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington in Several Tweets

There has yet to be any kind of official announcement on the rumored acquisition of TechCrunch by AOL, but Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis certainly made his feelings known about the potential deal, ripping into TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington in a series of Tweets Monday night, Silicon Alley Insider reported.

Calacanis and Arrington had a falling out over the dissolving of the TechCrunch 50 conference, and Calacanis didn’t pull any punches. Some of his Tweets, via Silicon Alley Insider:

@Justyn asks if @Arrington & I are still friends. The question is moot, a sociopath like Mike isn’t capable of friendship-except w/ dogs.

How do I really feel about @arringon @thelocalgentry? He stole from my family, treated me like garbage & laughed in my face as he screwed me.

@thelocalgentry you’ve a had a partner you considered a good friend F@#$%k you over, laugh in your face & take food out of your kid’s mouth?

@arrington told me he wouldn’t sell @TechCrunch for <than $40M last year.TC has ~$6m in revenue/~$1.5m in profits (all TC50!)

So, @techcrunch is logically worth 10-20x earnings… or $15-25m if earnings are still $1.5m. If 2m it could go as high as $30 i think.

Well, @jason_pontin, I could see AOL overpaying for @techcrunch to get some cred in the internet space. Bad move, but they might overpay.

Of course, AOL could build better @TechCrunch in 18 months by offering top 3 writers $150k & allow them to NOT be yelled at by @arrington

Actually, @MelodyMcC people don’t take @techcrunch that seriously any more. it’s just link bait trying to catch @mashable (and failing)

Aol is making big mistake if they buy @techcrunch. They cant keep a liability like @arrington around as public company+w/o mike it’s nothing

And if @arrington does sell I’m happy for him. He lives an unhealthy lifestyle, doesn’t sleep, and abuses heather–he’s a trainwreck.

Even though @arrington screwed me out of TC50 I’m happy for him. He can get therapy, lose 80 pounds & start treating people with respect now.