Jason Binn Stomps on Toes

The Reliable Source today gets a little juicy with an item on how Jason Binn, who the NYT has called the “concierge to the stars,” has managed to step on a number of toes in his short time in D.C.

They look at the collapse of his Capitol File “Advisory Board,” which disappeared soon after a bunch fo people began to realize they had never agreed to be on it. Then there was that whole bloated masthead where everyone who anyone ended up as a contributing editor, even some (SHOCK! HORROR!) without their appropriate title.

E-i-C Kate Gibbs, who must be relatively used to this sort of thing by now, offers a noncommittal nonapology apology: “We listed the names of all contributors, large and small, in the masthead of our debut issue. We hoped this inclusion would serve as a thank-you.”

Lloyd Grove, former Reliable Sourcer, took a stab at this item a few weeks back, but this is the first time the allegations of Binn’s toe-stomping have made it into his new “hometown” press.

We’re going to go out on a limb here: It won’t be the last time.