Jared Paul Stern: The Plot Thickens?

sterngg.pngVia FishbowlLA — our sunnier, friendlier counterparts on the west coast — comes an interesting reaction to the tossing yesterday of the Jared Paul Stern/Ron Burkle/Clintons/Daily News (phew) case by a New York judge.

It seems that LA Weekly’s Patrick Range McDonald has been following the case and after spending some with Stern has some concerns about the outcome. He told FishbowlLA that,

I talked with Jared Stern for two hours for a different story I wrote about Burkle, and he seemed very reasonable and level-headed. The thing with him, that really sticks out to me, is that he was never charged for a single crime, even after the FBI investigated it. But his career was still decimated after Burkle, a billionaire with a lot of big time connections, played hard ball with him. For any journalist, I would think they would want to keep a close eye on this case.
Yes, well, conspiracy or not, all things (and people) considered we hardly thought we’d heard the last of it.