Jared Paul Stern Is Back!

HELLS YES. Our favorite scandal-attracting ex-Page Sixer, Jared Paul Stern, is back in the media. Urbandaddy just hired him to helm their new “men’s style” blog Kempt. We interviewed JPS a while back… Best of all? No worry about any ethical infractions at the new blog — Urbandaddy is straight up about Kempt being directly subsidized by advertising from Braun. As for the blog, it’s the usual c. 2008 metrosexual/Men’s Vogue selling-the-overpriced -goods-to-the-urban-rich shenanigans that we see so much of nowadays, but whatever.

The good part? Stern is also uncovering some quality stories there. He just wrote about Daniel Craig refusing to wear any of the clothes he was offered at GQ‘s Men of the Year shoot. The blogger got some good quotes from GQ writer Adam Rapoport:

“Unlike some guys we shoot, Craig is passionate-and rather knowledgeable-about clothes, particularly suits,” Rapoport tells us. “He pretty much only wears bespoke these days, especially after suiting up in all those custom-made Brioni numbers in Casino Royale. Recently he’s been big into Tom Ford‘s line… He arrived at the shoot with a just-finished, never-worn Tom Ford custom suit, one that would probably run the average guy, what, $7,500? Anyway, our fashion department, meanwhile, showed up with an entire rack of beautiful suits for him to try on. Which he did, but ultimately, he felt none of them fit as nicely as his TF. And so he said, ‘Thank you very much, but I’ll stick with my suit.’

It’s good to have you back from the wilderness, Jared.