Jared Kushner and Dan Abrams Talk, World Stops Spinning




Late yesterday afternoon, Adweek broke the news that Jared Kushnerand Dan Abrams were talking, and the news spread like wildfire. Two big time media moguls discussing deals is certainly news, but maybe not as big as everyone thinks/hopes it will be.

The basis of the talks, according to Abrams, was that he was looking for potential investors in his media properties. Abrams’ talk with Kushner’s brother — who owns Thrive Capital — led to his conversations with Jared. Since that was boring, sources told Adweek and New York magazine that the talks really involved Abrams and Kushner joining forces and each owning a 50 percent share in Abrams Media and The New York Observer. One rumor even had Abrams taking control of the editorial side of the Observer.

The rumors are a bit much. Kushner has repeatedly showed faith in his Editor-in-Chief, Elizabeth Spiers, and rightfully so, the Observer has never been better. And while Kushner and Abrams might be hiding something, both issued blunt denials about the rumors. In fact, FishbowlNY asked Kushner for comment but he was too busy, so he said to check out what he’s already claimed regarding the talks.

Perhaps some big news will erupt from their discussions, but for now it seems we’ll all have to wait for something to actually happen before we get excited.