Japanese Mobile Device Lets You Smell Meat When You’re Hungry

If your olfactory is feeling a little left out of your technological lifestyle, you might be interested in this scent device from Japan. The Nose Yakiniku from Scentee is preloaded with smells like Beef, tongue, and potatoes with butter – smells you can feast on when you’re feeling a little famished but can’t eat. Consider it a college diet, for the starving, hurried college student.

At least, that is what the ad implies. Just smell some tongue and eat a bowl of cheap steamed rice. That’s the smell of poverty! All you need is a smartphone. If you can spare the change, the Nose Yakiniku is available through Amazon Japan. As for other scent options, Scentee has been working on a device that lets you send smells, though that has not appeared on the market yet.