Japanese Airline Unveils ‘Star Wars Project’ With Plans for R2D2 Jet

No better way to get attention than a Star Wars tie-in.

There’s no better way to get attention for your brand than to tie its latest initiative to the “Star Wars” series.

R2D2 always proved a trustworthy co-pilot for Luke, and come this Fall, he’ll be ushering travelers across land and sea for All Nippon Airways.

The Japanese airline is kicking off its five-year-long “Star Wars” project by painting a brand new Boeing 787s to resemble the lovable robot, and the company promises that the jet is only the first in a long line of “novel initiatives” to be associated with the franchise.

The announcement comes just as “Star Wars” fans across the globe are catching their first glimpses of the teaser trailer for the upcoming film “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.”

Considering the heaps of bad press the airline industry has received lately — and with the success of Air New Zealand’s recent partnerhip with “The Hobbit” that included a plane painted to look like Smaug — this well-timed promo project may just possess the force necessary to attract some long-term positive attention. (Sorry for that one.)

And to those of you who can’t imagine having to wait until the Fall for a chance to board the droid-themed jet, we leave you with these comforting words of wisdom:

“Patience you must have, my young Padawan!”