Japan and Korea Dominate in Mobile TV Viewing

lg_env.jpgAnalyst firm Berg Insight has released a report, relayed by MocoNews, that there were about 38 million viewers of mobile TV in Japan and South Korea in mid-2007. That represents about 78 percent of the total mobile TV audience, and implies that there are about 49 million mobile TV users worldwide.

MocoNews blogger James Quintana Pearce went further, saying that in October it was reported there were just over 4.2 million mobile TV users in South Korea, which means the vast majority of Berg’s numbers are likely in Japan.

“My problem with this is that it appears to count as ‘viewers’ anyone with a handset-since the service in Japan (and one of the two in Korea) are free I don’t think it’s an accurate estimate of the number of actual viewers.”

78 Percent Of Mobile TV Viewers In Japan, Korea: Report [MocoNews]