Jane Pratt’s Website Off to a Rough Start

Yesterday Jane Pratt launched her new website, xojane.com, and just as we expected, the beginning was a little rough around the edges. As Maura Johnston at the Village Voice points out, there was a piece longing for more female singer-songwriters, even though there’s actually plenty of those on the radio if one actually listens. Johnston rattles off a few names of artists in her criticism of the xojane article, but her reply to a commenter sums it up well:

This bit of dreck kind of reminds me of a piece I recently read that was all, ‘WHERE ARE THE DARIAS ON TV NOW?’ that should have really been titled ‘Nobody is telling me about the snarky smart women on tv and I can’t exactly be arsed to go FIND them.’ Just lazy lazy lazy, especially when you have, I don’t know, the WHOLE INTERNET in front of you. And no, Jane, your edits don’t help. They only call attention to the amateurism.


Johnston and Choire Sicha at The Awl came right out and nailed xojane, but The Hairpin – one of xojane’s competitors – posted a flimsy welcome to at least act like it was excited about the content on the new site. But shockingly enough, the commentors on The Hairpin weren’t too pleased with xojane either.

One commenter said that the site “sucked,” another explained that the tone of xojane’s contributors made her “cringe all the way down to my toes” and yet another lamented, “So far I truly do not like it.”

Well, how’s that for a welcoming party Pratt?

Maybe there are some people out there who are enjoying xojane, but as of right now, they seem to be keeping pretty quiet.