Jane Pratt: VH1’s #3 Choice?

1211pratt.jpgSo VH1’s newest reality show is American Ugly. The show follows Phillip Bloch and Jane Pratt as “they advise unfashionable women on how to run a fashion magazine.” You know, like Ugly Betty.

Except it turns out that Jane Pratt was VH1’s third choice. Portfolio‘s Mixed Media blog reports:

Brandon Holley — the editor who took over Jane after Pratt was pushed out in July 2005 — was approached about the gig in late spring but wasn’t interested. (Holley was involved at the time with a different reality show, SoapNet’s Fashionista Diaries, which was serendipitously on hand to chronicle Jane‘s closure in July.) Soon afterwards, former Seventeen and Cosmogirl editor Atoosa Rubenstein was offered the role, and actually accepted it. But shortly before the pilot was to be shot, Rubenstein backed out, electing to focus on her own projects.

But we have faith in Pratt — her radio talk show is damn good.