Jane Pratt… Headed To LA?

1005pratt.jpgAlright. What’s going on with Jane Pratt and the rumored mystery magazine she’s starting with Gwen Stefani? Well… let’s go into the evidence. Pratt recently put her Greenwich village townhouse on the market. It sold for well over her $3.65 million asking price. As New York‘s Daily Intelligencer notes, it “looks like the sort of place you would want to hold onto unless you have a really good reason to leave.”

Seriously. Check out the floorplan for all four stories (!) of the townhouse. Erin Boisson Aries of Brown Harris Stevens made the sale, which the Wall Street Journal reports was originally purchased for $2 million six years ago. Only… we haven’t heard any chatter about Pratt looking for a new place to live in New York City. Which is weird, given that most realtors will take about 45 seconds before excitedly leaking news of their new superstar client.

Then there’s the fact that Stefani lives in Los Angeles. Just saying.