Jane Pratt Gets Sirius Radio Show, Joins Venerable Lineup Of Satellite Women

jane_gets_sirius_show.jpgIt had been rumored since she left her namesake magazine. Now it’s confirmed: Jane founder Jane Pratt is finally getting her own show on Sirius. Pratt is joining a venerable lineup of women at the satellite radio network: Martha Stewart and Cosmo already have channels. Oprah today announced she’s launching one on XM, Sirius’ competitor. And Candace Bushnell‘s “Sex Success and Sensibility” debuts in October. No word on a date for Pratt’s Sirius debut.

Pratt’s personal life had always been fodder for her magazine, and it appears she will take that tradition to the airwaves: “One of the segments will be called ‘Jane Needs Help,’ in which the ex-mag diva solicits listener advice to deal with one of her own personal problems.”


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